Magnetic North Store

Magnetic North / MAGNOCD.COM handles world wide internet order fulfillment of CDs, Books and DVDs for some of the most prestigious musicians in the recording industry.

If your credit card was charged by MAGNOCD.COM and you don’t recall making a purchase from us you likely ordered a CD, DVD or Book from one the recording artists that we handle website orders for.

Here is a list of the official MAGNOCD.COM artists:

Please remember to ask any family members who may use your credit card if they placed an order for any of the musicians above.

We take on new product and new bands often so if you don’t see the artist from this list please simply send us an email at and we will look up the details and get right back to you.

Please contact us first before you contact the credit card company.

Please know that Magnetic North / MAGNOCD.COM will only process secure, legitimate online purchases.

This page is being updated, feel free to check back soon.