Transfer Services

Reel to Reel up to 60 min. (1/4"inch) $45
up to 120 min. $65
up to 4hrs. $75
Cassette to CD up to 66 min. $35
up to 126 min. $55
Dat Tape to CD or DVD up to 60 min $45
up to 120 min. $65
up to 4 hrs. $85
LP to CD $35
45 rpm to CD $25
78 rpm to CD $35
Micro Cassette up to 60 min $45
up to 120 min $65
up to 4 hrs $85
Audio Restoration (per Hour) $50
Additional CD or DVD copies $5
Cassette Tape Repair (per Tape) $29.99
Tape Baking up to 4 reels at once $60
Audio and Video Editing (per Hour) $50

Additional Transfer Services:

ADAT Transfers (16 & 20 bit)
Editing & Creation of Youtube compatable files
MP3 files of your transfers on CD / DVD
All Transfers include 1 CD or DVD master. (additional copies are extra)

Reel to Reel timing chart:

Use this chart to get an idea of how much recorded time may be on your reels.

Time Chart Recorded On Both Sides (directions)
150 FT. 300 FT. 600 FT. 900 FT. 1200 FT. 1800 FT. 2400 FT. 3600 FT.
1 3/8 IPS 30 MIN. 1 HR. 2 HRS. 3 HRS. 4 HRS 6 HRS. 8 HRS. 12 HRS.
3 3/4 IPS 15 MIN. 30 MIN. 60 MIN. 1 1/2  HRS. 2 HRS. 3 HRS. 4 HRS. 6 HRS.
7 1/2 IPS 7 1/2 MIN. 15 MIN 30 MIN.45 MIN. 1 HR. 1 1/2 HR. 2 HRS. 3 HRS.

Limitation of Liability: By submitting master tapes and materials to Magnetic North Audio the customer acknowledges that all material submitted for transfer is not in violation of any copyright laws. Customer will indemnify Magnetic North Audio in respect to any claim of violation of such laws. All copyrighted material must be accompanied with a written release form. Due to the fragile nature of video, film and digital media, Magnetic North Audio cannot be held liable for damage to any media provided by the customer for a given project. We will take the utmost care to make sure that your media is not damaged. However, each customer assumes the risk that their media can be damaged. By turning media over to Magnetic North Audio, customers have released Magnetic North Audio from any liability for damages.

Please see the info on tape restoration and tape baking if supplying reel to reel masters.

Information on tape baking and restoration: